The Genome of the Ancient Creators: "ABBA" EBEN!

The journey continues for the God Duo, after so many traumatic events and a lot of tribulations that they had to overcome and conquer. You are to embark on a galactic quest for the human purpose on this earth. This is part of a New Thrilling Adventure, of a series of books—a Journey to the Unknown and A Quest to Self-Mastery with an Angelic couple.

Intonex The Secret Harmony of Life: A Mystical and Sacred Journey Unveiled

You are about to embark on an adventure. The new era is here, and Intonex is the newest book of a series of six, helping
you can grow fast without the expenses and time-consuming conventions, seminars, internet research, etc.

9.1.1. : Complete Guide to Natural Healing

As an alternative and holistic healer gifted with the Vibrational Transformative Healing Energy and a writer, I have been asked by Archangel Michael to put this book together for you. It is a God-given powerful tool to guide, inform, educate, and prepare you to switch to natural solutions for healing the body.

New Century, New Era, New Experiences: “The Aquarius Evolving State of the World of Consciousness”

CHADD and VIE are two angels at work for the highest Government of the world on a shamanic journey. CHADD is a Baker Acted, drugged ward of the state and holds the key to Divine wisdom.

Beware of the Almighty: Destiny of the doG

Beware of the Almighty The Mystical Journey of a Tainted Angel is a conspiracy theory thriller written by a French American author descendant of the French Aristocracy.

It follows VIE, the metaphysical light & vibration healer, from her unexpected meeting with her blue flame the gifted CHADD to the thrilling culmination of historical events that will interact with the prophecies of the days ahead. CHADD, a Baker Acted drugged up ward of the state, holds the keys to Divine Wisdom and with VIE brings humanity into the light of GOD just when all seems lost.

Karma Through the Window of Time: The Spiritual Journey of 2 Angels

Karma through the Window of Time is a lesson in expanding your mind, opening your consciousness, and having you take a trip.

CHADD and VIE are two angels at work. VIE, as a metaphysical Light and vibration healer, is guided to go back to her original essence, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and reconnect with her. She is now here in a different life to see the transformation from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Now she works with transforming energy and bringing knowledge to the masses of people.

The Phoenix With The Chrystal Plumage

The time has come for the final battle between good and evil. Christianity adopted the Phoenix as the symbol of death and resurrection. As a metaphor for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the time of the return of Jesus, and the Biblical Armageddon is canceled the God duo still fight the dark energies. The psychiatric Doctor decides to make CHADD high on Xanex and Haldol. The literary agent is killed and eaten by the dark side. She had time though to leave a note and cried out to let them know of the work of the dark spirit before she passed away. They eat you inside raw she said. Money should never be a struggle. It is a spirit that lives in the blood, it is a reward but people have been disconnected from it two thousand years ago. The death of the Queen marks the end of the Luciferian control of the planet. Through politicians and Hollywood “elites,” the blood of children is harvested to extract adrenochrome for life-extending benefits. The shape-shifter mother and son join efforts to contact and harass VIE family with more lies and threaten to have her arrested if she keeps helping CHADD. Saint Michael came to join the battle. Love cannot coexist with lies any more than the truth can exist alongside lies. Good will prevail over evil. Light is going to defeat the dark.

Aroma Essentials: For Common Uses in Home, Health and Remedies

I started to write this simple and practical book for common uses for home, health, and remedies for my friends, my family, and myself. Then I realized that it can help you to switch from chemical uses to natural in your daily life. In using what the Creator has given us and in doing so keeping us all healthy in a time on the planet where air pollution has been recognized as a threat to human health.

Time Is Ticking: The Fifth Amendment

Time is Ticking: The Fifth Amendment is a conspiracy theory thriller written by a French American author and descendant of the French aristocracy.
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VIE is a French American writer and a vibrational transformative energy healer. Her purpose in these books are to present an opportunity for expansion of awareness. It is her way of teaching for rapid awakening and Spiritual growth. In expanding your mind, and opening up your consciousness.

Taking you on a journey through stories with the contact of many in another realm. It is the ability to enrich the world through the journey of the mystics, the universal voyage. This path reveals the higher truth of personal evolution that you are invited to find.

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Time Is Ticking: The Fifth Amendment

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