The Genome of the Ancient Creators: "ABBA" EBEN!

Karma Through the Window of Time: The Spiritual Journey of 2 Angels

Karma through the Window of Time is a lesson in expanding your mind, opening your consciousness, and having you take a trip.

CHADD and VIE are two angels at work. VIE, as a metaphysical Light and vibration healer, is guided to go back to her original essence, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and reconnect with her. She is now here in a different life to see the transformation from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius. Now she works with transforming energy and bringing knowledge to the masses of people.

CHADD, a Baker Acted, drugged ward of the state, holds the key to the Divine wisdom. He is gifted in sound frequencies and is a messenger of God.

The black government, with the support of Katherine, Paul, her son, the court system, and the Indian Thuggees, keeps Baker Acting CHADD, depriving him of sleep, rights, money, identity, and freedom. He is kept on psychotropic drugs by the corrupt justice system, disabling his brain’s ability to filter information and perception, blocking signals to his conscious mind. They also chipped him in various parts of his body, activating them just before Baker Acted him. They are keeping him in delusion and making him seem incompetent.

(Drugs are demons and give a false feeling, causing major addiction to the DNA that is compromised, making you spiritually vulnerable at this point.)

But VIE sees and understands everything. She swung her Vajra, used the language of the Light, tones, and hand signs, and entered in contact with…

It’s the Armageddon, the last battle between good and evil, the final war between human governments and God. This is the end of the games before Judgment Day, which will end the reign of the false prophets, the idol “celebrities.” The time when the network of the elite will be overthrown. The elite are the dynasties, the families of wealth and privilege, and those in control since the dawn of civilization.

It is the time of awakening and remembering.