Intonex The Secret Harmony of Life: A Mystical and Sacred Journey Unveiled

9.1.1. : Complete Guide to Natural Healing

As an alternative and holistic healer gifted with the Vibrational Transformative Healing Energy and a writer, I have been asked by Archangel Michael to put this book together for you. It is a God-given powerful tool to guide, inform, educate, and prepare you to switch to natural solutions for healing the body.

Allopathic or conventional medicine defines health as an absence of disease and little is given to preventive treatment. While holistic medicine combats disease, it bolsters the body’s defenses and restores balance to the body. The cause of illnesses starts with imbalances at the vibratory levels.

You will read about some truths and facts concerning autism, nutritional deficiencies, vaccines, the virus that causes Chinese syndrome, and life-saving pieces of information. You will learn the importance of enzymes, minerals, oxygen, and blood flow. A miraculous method to learn to help you when you have sinus congestion, coughing, diabetes, stomach problems, allergies, bipolar…The importance of releasing karma, Emotional freedom therapy. The practice of the living Ankh. You will understand how Light and Sound and Sacred Geometry unlock your healing and the importance of aligning the chakras. It talks about the pineal gland, the aura, the Merkaba, Sounds and Bio-sounds, chromotherapy, essential oils, and much more.