Beware of the Almighty: Destiny of the doG

Beware of the Almighty: Destiny of the doG

Beware of the Almighty The Mystical Journey of a Tainted Angel is a conspiracy theory thriller written by a French American author descendant of the French Aristocracy.

It follows VIE, the metaphysical light & vibration healer, from her unexpected meeting with her blue flame the gifted CHADD to the thrilling culmination of historical events that will interact with the prophecies of the days ahead. CHADD, a Baker Acted drugged up ward of the state, holds the keys to Divine Wisdom and with VIE brings humanity into the light of GOD just when all seems lost.

“Beware of the Almighty” is a fascinating, historical, and mesmerizing adventure that includes the ancient city of Antioch, fallen angels, ancient Indian legends, and a secret religious sect created in the days of Jesus. This book is about; Hope, courage, and freedom. Prophecies fulfilled: The key purpose was really to bring forth those metaphysical secrets and the knowledge of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Jesus and Mary Magdalene came back to demonstrate the path of Oneness and Divine Love.

The matrix and the ascension process: The connection between Sacred geometry and modern physics. A never-ending battle of good and evil: The modern world is a literal and figurative warzone.

This book is about bringing a powerful message to the world. With warnings and future predictions that you may not want to hear, but have to hear it.