Intonex The Secret Harmony of Life: A Mystical and Sacred Journey Unveiled

Intonex The Secret Harmony of Life: A Mystical and Sacred Journey Unveiled

You are about to embark on an adventure. The new era is here, and Intonex is the newest book of a series of six, helping you can grow fast without the expenses and time-consuming conventions, seminars, internet research, etc. It is a new way of teaching for rapid awakening and spiritual growth, expanding your mind, opening up your consciousness, and having you take a trip brought to you by the God Duo, through stories of their mystical journey and the contact of many behind the veil. It is the ability to enrich the world through the journey of the mystics, the universal voyage. Each individual has to travel in their own time for it reveals the path of knowing and transcends time and space. This path reveals the higher truth of personal evolution that you are invited to find.

The teaching of Jesus Christ is essential concerning the awakening happening now. It is a teaching based on love and respect for each other. Believers in God are used for mind control or real demonic possession. The fallen angels, the Illuminati, have abused the physical creations. The archons are inorganic and artificial and made a bad copy of our original reality. The Illuminati wanted a one-world government, and they selected electronics to be brought to planet Earth for that and to keep control of humans. The pineal gland is the key to ascension and higher vibration, and the cabal does not want you to regenerate it. You must know about the new Klebsi plague Klebsiella. Once the regeneration process begins, they won’t be able to stop it. People will no longer be susceptible to controlling human beings on the planet. What if the Library of Alexandria was the link to today’s action of the world and the Cabal? The Templars fought the forces of Islam in Spain and on the sunbaked hills where Jesus lived and died. The Cabal has knowledge of Sacred Geometry form to control and create one single government.

But the new template is here. The new tools for the New Earth. There is power and importance in the colors, the light, the sound frequencies, and the vibration related to our health and why it has been hidden from you. What if there is a silent sound that they do not want you to know hidden in an ancient alphabet? You are the voice of the universe. You are the voice of all creation.

“If any man has an ear, let him hear it” (Rev. 13:9).

Discernment and developed intuition are greatly needed now as we are living in a world using high technology that you are not aware of or even close to imagining.