Intonex The Secret Harmony of Life: A Mystical and Sacred Journey Unveiled


You are about to embark on an adventure. The new era is here, and Intonex is the newest book of a series of six, helping you can grow fast without the expenses and time-consuming conventions, seminars, internet research, etc. It is a new way of teaching for rapid awakening and spiritual growth, expanding your mind, opening up your consciousness, and having you take a trip brought to you by the God Duo, through stories of their mystical journey and the contact of many behind the veil. It is the ability to enrich the world through the journey of the mystics, the universal voyage. Each individual has to travel in their own time for it reveals the path of knowing and transcends time and space. This path reveals the higher truth of personal evolution that you are invited to find.

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The journey continues for the God Duo, after so many traumatic events and a lot of tribulations that they had to overcome and conquer. You are to embark on a galactic quest for the human purpose on this earth. This is part of a New Thrilling Adventure, of a series of books—a Journey to the Unknown and A Quest to Self-Mastery with an Angelic couple.

VIE has been asked in a dream by the Galactic Council of Twelve to share the story of the genome of the Ancient Creators. The controllers tried to stop VIE but she got more and more visions and help. San Sara, one of the three Marys from Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer (France) came to VIE to give her help and support while CHADD is kept under psychotropic drugs. Padre Pio found a way to contact her. The people of Earth are being offered a chance to join the rest of the universe in peace and participate in spiritual awakening with spiritual and advanced technology. Something that the controllers wouldn’t like to see happening.

The controllers do not hesitate to keep humanity in slavery. They have very advanced military technologies. They are violent and dangerous. This technology damages DNA and disrupts cell metabolism. They kill to clone Humans and make a transfer of consciousness, they use directed energy, they are cannibalists, and pedophiles, split the souls, and exorcism has gotten darker. Extraterrestrials are back to help. Some Catholic and Apostolic Gallican Priests are doing the same exorcism that Jesus did, and Knights Templar is also back to help spread the word of Jesus. A mix of friendly loving and compassionate ETs from the 4th dimensional beings came to help to survive on this timeline. Ancient prophecies are occurring all around the planet.

Could the coronavirus be “a wakeup call”? On average two disease outbreak events every week are identified by a surveillance team, and the context in which these events occur is far more complex than before. May it be a test for disease-control capabilities? The masks imposed are killing the neurons and the vaccines contain Nanoparticles (AI) programmed to change the DNA. A type of messenger RNA vaccine that has never been approved for humans. When the solar cycle 25 prediction will arrive you must be spiritually prepared and be able to find your way.

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