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Time is Ticking: The Fifth Amendment is a conspiracy theory thriller written by a French American author and descendant of the French aristocracy.

CHADD, a Baker Acted, drugged up ward of the state, holds the keys to the Divine wisdom and with VIE brings humanity into the light of God just when it all seems lost. But all of this was a threat to the Anunnaki who wanted earth for themselves. So they manipulated the story of Christ in order to be successful with the takeover of earth. A never ending battle of good and evil, the modern world is a literal and figurative warzone.

The straightest path to the truth is to expose all information that is officially forbidden.

The secret government controls the population through false information. Christ was a healer, He worked with the emotional body, and He resurrected from the dead. The church stripped away the virility of Christ by hiding His true relationship with Mary Magdalene, and the male was emasculated and the female denied.

Illuminati are in key power places and all institutions are corrupted. Their agenda is to reduce the population and to manipulate humanity, keeping them under their control through drugs, flu, antibiotic shots, implanted diseases, weather catastrophes, and wars.

The Thuggees medical doctors from India reincarnated. They keep CHADD, by court orders, in drugs and in a foggy state between mental hospitals and an asylum. They shot him with dangerous drugs, brainwashed, programed, then manipulate him, beat him, steal from him, deprive him of all his rights to a fair trial and freedom in the land of freedom. They sent an Asian couple to steel the Vajra from VIE.

Time is Ticking: The Fifth Amendment is a fascinating historical and mesmerizing adventure that includes the return of Jesus and Mary Magdalene to demonstrate the path of oneness and Divine love.

Awaken new frequencies within one’s being, defragment old programming that no longer serves so that humanity can embrace the Light and Sound of creation to expand consciousness.

Christ delivered His bloodline, His star codes, through the Goddess (Mary Magdalene), and he brought the instrument of ultimate creativity that could transmute human violence—“the Eucharist,” True Christ.

This book is about bringing a powerful message to the world and about the matrix and the ascension process to reach the golden age with warnings and future predictions that you may not want to hear, but have to hear it.

Once you remember your multidimensionality, then Christ will awaken in you. And it is time! The golden age is within reach.

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