The Phoenix With The Chrystal Plumage



The time has come for the final battle between good and evil. Christianity adopted the Phoenix as the symbol of death and resurrection. As a metaphor for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the time of the return of Jesus, and the Biblical Armageddon is canceled the God duo still fight the dark energies. The psychiatric Doctor decides to make CHADD high on Xanex and Haldol. The literary agent is killed and eaten by the dark side. She had time though to leave a note and cried out to let them know of the work of the dark spirit before she passed away. They eat you inside raw she said. Money should never be a struggle. It is a spirit that lives in the blood, it is a reward but people have been disconnected from it two thousand years ago. The death of the Queen marks the end of the Luciferian control of the planet. Through politicians and Hollywood “elites,” the blood of children is harvested to extract adrenochrome for life-extending benefits. The shape-shifter mother and son join efforts to contact and harass VIE family with more lies and threaten to have her arrested if she keeps helping CHADD. Saint Michael came to join the battle. Love cannot coexist with lies any more than the truth can exist alongside lies. Good will prevail over evil. Light is going to defeat the dark.


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